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Group training is being offered at various times throughout the day.
Small groups of 4-8 people. We have times for adults, athletes and kids.
$300 4 days a week, Mon-Thurs. 5 Sessions for $100 use as you go.

Joey Decaminada has been training people for over 12 years. Joey brings a vast knowledge and experience in the fields of training and nutrition. He has also helped clients reach all their goals through sound training, nutrition, and an overall balanced lifestyle.


The Julie Palmer Ultimate Showdown Bodybuilding Competition was held in the Dayton Convention Center on June 3 2017. This was my first completion of the season. I competed in the open mens bodybuilding division as a light heavyweight competitor. I also competed in the mens classic physique division. Classic physique is a new division for me. This show was the first time I have ever competed in mens physique. The difference between bodybuilding and mens physique is I needed to be a specific weight based upon my height. I am 5'9 so I needed to weigh 192lbs. In bodybuilding I compete in the light heavyweight division. In this class I can weigh up to 198lbs. My bodybuilding class was on stage first on this day. I was able to take 1st place and win my light heavyweight class. Newt up was the Classic Physique division. I won 1st here also winning my class and I competed against the other class winners, claiming the overall title of Mens Classic Physique Overall Champion. It was a good day for myself and my coach Mike Davies. This qualified me to move on to the Nationals on July 21 in Pittsburgh.

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Her Story

Learn how Missi along with other athletes train with Joey D at LEAP in Powell.

Competition Training

Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Mens/Womens Physique, Classic Physique, Mens/Womens Bodybuilding.

Youth Programs

LEAP kids is for 12 years and younger. This is a fun safe group for kids learning to exercise.

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